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Dec 30, 2019



In today’s episode of Ellas, Mexican photographer and filmmaker, Cher Martínez shares with Brenda Hernández Jaimes how she has started her own artistic path and received the support from her family.


Cher talks about discovering her love for photography and developing her own vision and voice through...

Dec 14, 2019



Following your passion might not always be a clear road.

In today’s episode of Ellas, Sandra Blow talks with Brenda Hernández Jaimes about her vast photography career, overcoming obstacles and fighting for her beliefs through her photos.

As a queer photographer based in Mexico City, Sandra showcases the...

Nov 30, 2019



Immigration has and will always be an important topic in the United States and the world.

On today’s episode of Ellas, Brenda Hernández Jaimes sits down with Marissa Montes, a proud Latina professor, immigration attorney, and activist to talk about the challenges and process of immigration. Marissa is...

Nov 16, 2019


Starting a business is HARD and nothing es de color de rosa.

Founder and CEO of Holy Matcha, Geraldine Ridaura Schumacher talks about all the obstacles, lessons learned and biggest highlights she lived through while opening the first matcha cafe in San Diego.

On today’s episode of Ellas, Brenda and...

Nov 2, 2019


Where there’s a will there’s a way and today’s guest is an excellent example of this.

On the latest episode of Ellas, marketing specialist, Melba Tellez, was a high school dropout who was inspired to get her GED, get her bachelor's and marketing degree to work at Amazon.

Her story is inspiring and...